Sunday, December 17, 2006

Drink, Talk, Rassle!

In my daily quest to turn the world into a wrestling world, and show it in the documentary, I talk to and meet lots of guys at the local bars, turning most every conversation into a wrestling conversation. I've always wanted to see how open guys are once uninhibited with a few beers. And no, these are not gay bars, just plain old redneck sports bars.

The point is guys love talking about wrestling, regardless of sexuality, and they love doing it if given the opportunity. Case in point, this past weekend I pulled this military guy and his buddy out of the bar and had them wrestle for the film after a good interview. I told the military guy to put his friend in a full nelson, and his buddy egged him on with "work it with some UMPH man!" Final last words, the big military guy held his friend to the ground for like two minutes as I continued interviewing them. It was great, and they talked about the rush it gave them to do it. I hope they continue to wrestle each other now that I've broken the barrior for them.

Have you ever talked to complete everyday strangers about wrestling? Use the comments link below to share your story. Vic

Monday, December 11, 2006

Pro Wrestling Round Table

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Mr. Scott McEwan (above left), an artist and pro wrestler from Toronto, Canada, as well as his tag team partner Bill (right) at Dean's (center) ring in Annapolis, MD. Not only did we film lots of wrestling action for the documentary (which includes one of the hottest bearhugs I've ever seen), but also ended the day with a nice hour-long roundtable discussion filmed in the center of the ring. Then we went out to feast on roast lamb and beast. Wait, that's from the Grinch, but we did have a lot of food on our plates!

Perhaps I'll put a video snippet or two from it on the site once I transfer and edit some of the material and stop frothing at the mouth like a dog in heat.