Monday, May 12, 2008

Beckham Bar Guy Boxing and Boners

Ok, I don't even know how to start talking about this, but here goes. Last Saturday I made my bi-monthly trek to a local bar (no, not a gay bar) and when I walked in, there was the hottest guy, muscled, tall, awesome face and body. He looked a lot like David Beckham (pictured) but better. I thought, if there was anyone in that bar I would love to talk about wrestling with, it was him. I've done it many times, talked to hot guys at bars about wrestling, but I was a little scared to talk to him that night. I guess I'm out of practice.

Anyyyyways, as the night wore on, and I downed a couple of beers and made my way across the street to another bar, he showed up there too. So I finally got the courage and walked up to him with my usual line "Hi, can I ask you a question? I'm working on a documentary on wrestling and I was wondering if you wrestled or like wrestling?"

Well, wow! Not only did he talk and hang with me most of the night, he was from Ireland and had a deep Irish accent. Very polite, and not threatening at all. He said he liked boxing mostly, but also watched UFC. But the story gets better.

He and some of his friends left for about an hour to watch a boxing Pay-Per-View on TV, then returned. He told me about the bout, and after taking a swig of his drink, he said "Man, I got a boner now from watching that." It came out of nowhere, and it didn't even hit me for a few seconds what he just said. I think I immediately said something about guys getting boners wrestling, but it was loud and we were getting so intoxicated it didn't seem like a big revelation, or anything shocking.

Anyways, people may want to see what he said as a come on, but that's not the case from what I felt (unless I'm dense). He was talking to chicks and hoping to be noticed, but spent the rest of the night hanging with me. At one point my half-filled cup of beer slipped out of my hand, and he immediately jumped to the floor to pick up the glass so I would not feel embarrassed. Such a gentleman.

In the meantime, three brothers were walking around celebrating one brother's 24th birthday. The birthday guy kept putting his arms around me and thanking me for saying "Hey John, Happy Birthday!" every time I saw him. I kept putting his intoxicated skin-head brother in a headlock all night because he told me he likes to choke people out. It seemed he wanted to do something, wrestle maybe, but many of these guys aren't like us. They are feeling the masculine rush, but are unsure how to go about getting what they want from a stranger, like me. Everytime the drunk younger brother walked by me, I'd say in a low tone, I wanna wrestle you.

Eventually after sobering up with water, and the night was ending, my Irish stud had to leave with his friends. I left soon after. He said he would definitely call me about the film, but that was a week ago. No call yet. These are the kinds of things that happen to me all the time, and if ONLY a camera could catch them, what a film that would be. I will do my best to get him in an interview if I see him again!