Monday, June 14, 2010

STRONGHOLD: In the Grip of Wrestling to screen in HOLLYWOOD at the All Sports LA Film Festival

Tickets now on sale! Reserve your seat!

I am honored to announce that our documentary, "STRONGHOLD: In the Grip of Wrestling," has been officially selected for the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival in Hollywood, CA running July 10-11. That's right, we made it to Hollywood! The film will be screened at the famous Raleigh Studios across the street from Paramount Pictures.

STRONGHOLD follows both gay and straight adult male wrestlers as they pursue their passion for wrestling: amateur, pro, and submission. The film not only details wrestling history and why wrestling is such an underappreciated sport in America, but also speaks frankly about wrestling homoeroticism and homophobia. One reviewer described the film as "a story nobody, gay or straight, has previously had the nerve to tell—and this movie is all the more remarkable because it gets every bit of it absolutely right."

If you can't make it to Hollywood, the full-length Director's Cut is available to watch online or purchase on DVD at Tickets for 2010 All Sports Film Festival are available for purchase now at All Sports LA Film Festival.

About Raleigh Studios:
Raleigh Studios is the largest owner and manager of stages and studio facilities in the world. It was the filming site for such classic movies as "In the Heat of the Night," with Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier (which won the Oscar for Best Picture of 1967), "The Best Years of Our Lives" (the Best Picture of 1946), "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" (1962, with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford) and the original "A Star is Born" (1937) with Janet Gaynor. Early TV show classics such as "Gunsmoke" used the studios as well.