Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Editing the Documentaries

For anyone who has ever wondered how things are edited these days, most programs are done on the computer with a timeline and digital captured clips from source tapes. For the "Changing Perceptions" and "STRONGHOLD" documentaries, I've had to purchase (4) 300 Gig drives (that's 1.2 terabytes) to hold most of the transferred footage. It's an endless task of shuffling around clips, exporting the best of people's interviews into separate files to make room for more footage, etc. Like they say, you can never have too much storage.

The picture on the right of the screen is the editing screen zoomed out for the "Changing Perceptions" film. Click on the link below to see it bigger. I am using three video tracks and four audio tracks. You overlap video clips and apply transitions (dissolves, etc) and use rubberband controls to fade up and out audio when appropriate. It's much faster than tape-to-tape editing, and everything remains master quality. It can be a pain, though, shuffling around the windows. Every time I edit something, I get up and walk across the room to look at the TV it's connected to like I am just a viewer watching it. So, that's what I do most nights. I drink wine (well, not every night) and pace the room to see if it looks ok. Tell me, what's it like to be with real people and wrestle? I'm beginning to forget. Here's a bigger version of the image above.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wrestler wins 'Biggest Loser'!

Yeah!!! If you haven't been watching, this has been the only reality show worth viewing. Men and women working their hardest to lose the most weight and become the 'Biggest Loser'. The show got my attention right away when I found out that one of the contestants, Matt, was a wrestler. He started the show at a hefty 339 lbs, and I wanted to watch it to the end to see how he'd come out. Well, he WON tonight on the LIVE finale, and he is handsome as all hell at a trim 182! Below is the emotional clip of him winning, and is very much worth watching. You can see his transformation and some wrestling footage of him.

This show was so moving to watch; Matt made me cry every episode cause the man has such a good heart, and is very sensitive. I cried every time he did. I hope you got to watch it too. Tell me what you thought. Oh, and he lives in Victor, Iowa. This is only one more good sign that as soon as the publicity dies down, I need to grab him and get him in the STRONGHOLD film. (10M Windows Media)


Wrestler Cena on MadTV

Hey, did anyone catch the skit with John Cena (WWE wrestler) on MadTV this past weekend? It was hilarious. The skit was "24 hours with Bobby Lee" where Cena spends a day with cast member Bobby Lee, who idolizes Cena and asks Cena to beat up old bullies and girlfriends. It was so funny. Cena kept slapping Bobby Lee's chest really hard, while Bobby Lee wore pink tights. If you missed it, I found this video clip on WWE's site of the making of it. You'll see some good slaps. Click on the title of this post to see that clip.

Today I am still tweaking "Changing Perceptions" and am waiting to get in the mail a video clip of Simon Sermon getting hit in the head with a metal chair in 2003, which resulted in a concussion. It's for the part in the documentary about whether or not pro wrestling is fake. I should tell you that what you don't see in the trailer is this other really hot guy Simon wrestles in the film. I cut to their match throughout. There are a few small pics and an animated gif on the bottom left of the film's site with the guy.

Off to dinner, see ya tomorrow! Oh, please comment by clicking on comments below so I know that at least someone is reading this.


Monday, November 28, 2005

WrestlerVic vs. Ebony Steel Thighs

This past weekend, Ebony Steel Thighs and I met up again for some long scissoring action! The man with the 29" quads buried me in his deadly thighs, and we shot some video of it for the site soon ( I also got him good too! Man, my neck is sore. I gotta stop doing this. Nah. Here are a few stills to tide you over.


Welcome to the WrestleMen Blog!

Hey Men,

Thought it would be nice to keep pace with what's going on in the wrestling world and my work on the site and documentaries with this new blog. It will also allow us to share our thoughts about wrestling easily. I'm not always able to update the site as quickly as I'd like because I've been terribly busy working on the two documentaries. It is not unusual for me to be up to 4:00am working on them. Last night (this morning), I was working on the Changing Perceptions doco (short for documentary) which you can view a trailer for at I was making those minor tweeks that take a long time, like blurring out the Eckerd store sign in the background of one of the shots, or a phone number on a wrestling card. I am still reviewing it to make sure I like what I've done. The release date is set for January. Simon, who is featured in the doco, tells me that a 25-year old guy came out to his family after seeing just the video trailer for the film. He figured if a wrestler can be that comfortable with it, why can't he. The official site for the film is

Anyways, this is my first post on the blog and I have a lot to say. I will also be providing links to photos and mp3 content to listen to from the films, etc. For now, feel free to type what's on your mind. But be nice!