Monday, April 07, 2008

Four Years of Footage

It's been four years of shooting for the STRONGHOLD wrestling documentary, and I know I am getting closer to completing the film when I am finally using up the wrestling footage I shot for it. Most of the work on the film has been determining the structure, what I wanted to cover, and how to best present it. The on-camera interviews serve as the framework, and the visuals and wrestling footage are put on top of and in between the talking later. That's when the film comes to life even more.

The pic above is from the pro wrestling show at Hillside 2004. These people have probably forgotten about it and moved on to other things, but seeing stuff like this every day keeps it fresh in my mind. I am living in a time warp, but I don't care. Look at them awesome bodies!

During filming, my inner voice was constantly saying "use that","Oh yes, you gotta use that somewhere!", "That was a good shot, gotta find a place for it." Now those places are being found. Of course I am sure that I won't be using all of the great wrestling footage, so you can be sure it will be on an extra DVD when the documentary comes out.

OK, now I have to go back to looking at thick-legged hot guys squeezing each other to death. Anyone wanna help?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vic.
It sounds like you will be able to come up for air pretty soon.