Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been a busy past two weeks. I've been making some final tweaks on the Changing Perceptions film, putting on some extras like a photo gallery of Simon on the DVD, and painstakingly removing a straw that appeared in a few shots by digital track matting (that means removing something that also moves in the picture). Last night I researched and found more public domain b&w wrestling footage, and played around with a public domain 1960 Newport cigarette ad. You see this man sleeping in his chair, and the TV cuts on to a Newport cigarette commercial. A man and woman on a beach jump out of the TV to entice him with a cigarette. Then his wife hears, she runs downstairs and asks "Is something the matter dear" as the two people jump back in. He says "oh, no," smiles, and enjoys his smoke looking back at the TV. What does this have to do with wrestling, you ask? Wait until you see how I re-edit the piece. (smile)

I guess I better get a couple of clips of me and Ebony scissoring up on the site this week. You wanna see 29" quads choking the life out of my head, and me doing the same to him? Click on comments below and let me know.

Oh, geez, I forgot. Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wrestler Verification Feature

Hey men, taking a break from putting some finishing touches on the Changing Perceptions documentary. It's great to see people are using the wrestler verification feature in the WrestleMen directory to verify other wrestlers who have followed through with planned meetings. I was hesitant at first in doing this, but I think it's necessary so people will feel a little better knowing who wrestles, and who is not as serious. Time is valuable. The more people verify who is for real and who flaked on a planned meeting, the better it will be for all of us.

On a side note, I found more of John Cena (WWE wrestler) and his appearance on MadTV a few weeks ago where he spends 24 hours with Bobby Lee. You can view almost the entire hilarious clip here. They left out like 1 minute, so if they ever re-air that episode on MadTV with Cena, watch it.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Headless Photos look Stupid

Ok folks, I've reached my limit of seeing headless photos on the site. I feel like I'm looking at body parts in a morgue or something. After busting my ass off making the STRONGHOLD film for the past two years, putting myself on the line in the general public talking about wrestling, I just have to say "GROW SOME BALLS!" Sorry to be so blunt, and don't give me the "oh no, I can't let anyone know I like to......wrestle. You don't understand, I'll lose my job, my wife, my security clearance" or whatever. Wrestling is a SPORT too, even if you like to get off to it privately.

A year or so ago I wrote an article articulating this with a lot less anger, you can read it at I'm Here, I Wrestle. You have to understand, the more you hide yourself, the more you keep your wrestling in the closet, the more you screw yourself. I've found in making the film how much gay men who wrestle in particular really set themselves back by not being themselves. The only person that really has a problem with you wrestling Be yourself for god's sake. Read the article, you'll get some good tips to get over your fears. And do me a favor, change your silly headless pictures to one's that show your handsome faces. Please. Thanks!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy Holidays!

I think I will take an egg nog blog break for the next couple of weeks as I finish the "Changing Perceptions" documentary for a January release. Feel free to comment on any of the posts. I'll check every now and then. Have a safe and happy holiday season.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Wrestling Stamp

Just issued today, a new wrestling stamp to honor the sport. JUST kidding. But wouldn't it make a great one? What do you think the guy looking at the camera is thinking? He is hot. "Look into my eyes, and then I will put you out." Now that is what I call male bonding. He knows he's got the power. Control the head, control the body is what they say.

Click on comments below to tell me what you think the guy is thinking, or what you're thinking looking at it.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dealing with Flakes

It probably wouldn't surprise you that I have to deal with flakes when running a site: people who are rude, or try to circumvent things, or post false pictures, etc. You actually may be one of them reading this. It's a shame that people can't be themselves and be honest. Just tonight I had someone list themselves with a false pic. How do I know it was false? It's the picture in this post. What he didn't know is that he doesn't get to contact others until I approve his listing. His email is, so just a note. Don't flake unless you want your email public.

Cleaning up the online wrestling world, one person at a time.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Share your Profile Link

I'm not sure how many of you know, but if you are listed in the WrestleMen directory, you can easily share your profile link in your personal webpages or emails. Just click on 'View' under 'My Profile' when you log into the directory and copy the link address it goes to. For instance, mine is So go ahead, bookmark your profile page, put it in your home pages, email it, and share it with others.

Vic's Tips

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pictures that give back

Isn't it nice to come across those wrestling pictures that make you go bing bing bing! Like this one did for me. I added the captions. It almost looks like Anthony Perkins looking at the two guys wrestling, doesn't it. In addition to stealing wrestling books from the library when they were younger, or cutting out the wrestling pictures, people have told me that they would see wrestling books with guys putting bubble captions on the pictures of what they'd like to see the wrestlers saying to each other. I hope to come upon a few of those for the film. If you find any of those, let me know. I already had someone find a wrestling book at a college library with the pictures cut out.

Old wrestling books are also rare to find too, which is why they sell well on ebay. Go to a used bookstore and look (I know you have already). Maybe you'll find a few glossy WWE books, but those get pushed aside quickly don't they. There's nothing like a good old 1960's or '70s amateur wrestling book with, ok, where is the page with the body scissor or fig-4 head scissor? Heart beating, pages turning, there it is! Ahhhhhhhh, niceeee.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

*Holiday* *Special*

In celebration of the Holidays, I am giving away FREE copies of the "Growing Up Wrestling" book for any new GOLD memberships to the site purchased Dec. 11-23, 2005. That's more than twelve days of Christmas, it works out to be thirteen days! Growing Up Wrestling is a book with 130 true personal wrestling stories written by men from around the world, and it's pretty hot. I put the book together almost a year ago, and it's truly a great book to read (A $16 value). Go to and click on JOIN to get your GOLD membership and book.

I'm sure I'll get a few people who will want a free book because they purchased a GOLD membership last week or last month or something. Tell you what, how about buying this great book at so you can make MY Holiday season special. Smile.

Sleep tight,


Friday, December 09, 2005

Bodywrecker Lew Video Clip

Recently I had a poll on the WrestleMen site about which sneak peek clip people would like to see next from the STRONGHOLD documentary "in the making." The winner was "Brooklyn Bodywrecker," Lew, and how he came to terms with his sexual attraction to wrestling, especially pro wrestling. For years Lew has been coming to the Hillside wrestling weekend, and many of you know him for his wrestling videos, which he has been doing for over two decades now. Let me tell you, he hasn't aged a bit. A terrific guy, and a great wrestler.

Enjoy the clip within the WrestleMen site in the next day or so. You see, membership does have its privileges. So, if you aren't a member, become one by clicking here.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

New WrestleMen Directory Features

Hey men,

Tonight (12/8) I am implementing new features in the directory so that direct links to member profiles will automatically appear in their emails to you, if they are listed members. This will make it easier to see who is contacting you. I have to temporarily block entry into the site to test these features. In the meantime, enjoy the blog entries below about the site and the two wrestling documentaries I am working on. Check the site tomorrow to log in.

Scissorly, Vic

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Growing Up Wrestling book

Wow, I can't believe how quickly time flies. One year ago I was editing the "Growing Up Wrestling" book and reading all of your personal wrestling stories over and over again to get them in the book. I remember when I first put the three-question interview on the wrestling film site, and being amazed at the depth at which people responded. People were so articulate about their early childhood and adult wrestling memories, and what it meant to them. I felt like I knew every one of you, reading them over and over again as I put the book together. Now people are discovering the book and it is making a difference in people's lives; they are realizing how similar they are to other guys. On, someone even wrote a nice review for it. I put the book together because I knew it had to be out there, if not only to change lives, but as a historical document too. It really is amazing.

It was worth all of the effort, and I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being a part of it. If you are unaware of the book, you can read about it and order it at

Sleep scissor tight,

Monday, December 05, 2005

Rescue Me, Wrestler

In 1992, I was living in Michigan and working as a Mechanical Engineer and technical consultant. I always liked music videos, and so I spent a lot of time teaching myself how to film, edit, and cut to music. I entered the Madonna "Make my 'Vogue' Video" contest in 1991, and won a trip for two to Florida. Then I decided to make another video to Madonna's song, "Rescue Me." I decided I wanted dancers to be in it, and so I went to my alma mater, Michigan State University, and asked the dance class instructor if anyone wanted to volunteer. Two people, Jim and Gayle, said yes. That's Jim in the picture. He wore a wrestling singlet in the video and a tank, and then strips shirtless in the video. They were great, and the video is really hot to watch. I still have all of the raw footage too (smile).

To see the 5-minute video, and an extra 2-min hot video teaser I did for it too, login to If you aren't a paid member, what's wrong with you? It's only $35 for a full year (that's just $2.92 a month), and you get lots of wrestling videos, pictures, and the contact directory too. I appreciate your support.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Got Ya Covered!

I just finalized the DVD cover for the new Changing Perceptions documentary (above). In addition to my interview with the famous Exotic Adrian Street within the documentary, I've also added a Photo Gallery extras section of photos of Simon Sermon in action in the ring. Did you know that Adrian Street was a male physique model in the late 50's before he became a professional wrestler? Let me tell you, woof! You'll see several of those pictures of him in the film too.
Note to AOL users: I don't know if this is still the case, but AOL has always had this stupid "Compressed Graphics" setting default that will make web images look yucky. To turn it off, go to Settings-Preferences-Internet Properties, and click on the AOL Browser tab. Check "Never compress graphics," reboot your computer, and pictures will look a lot better.
Scissorly, Vic

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Motel Mattress Matches...MMM

One of the segments that I wanted to include in the STRONGHOLD documentary is the various places guys meet up to wrestle--whether it's at a wrestling club, a home mat room setup, or in a hotel room. It took awhile, but I was finally able to find willing participants for the hotel room match segments: Todd and Dirk, and Art and Von at Okie Rumble this year. The guys come in and take the beds apart, wrestle, and then put the beds back together. It looks great in speeded up motion! They did it flawlessly, almost like they've done it many times before (smile). And the wrestling is great to watch. Of course, we're not supposed to take beds apart anymore at Okie, but I'm sure they'd understand it was for a good cause this one time.

Join to view exclusive clips from the STRONGHOLD film in the making, plus other great wrestling video clips and pictures.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Banking on Brokeback

I am so excited about this new movie premiering next weekend, 'Brokeback Mountain,' a movie based on a real-life story of two cowboys who fall in love. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, it really is the first mainstream movie that will be a more accurate depiction of masculine men in love. I'm not even going to use the 'G' word here because it's about time we stopped labeling sexuality. They do go on to get married to women in the film, but struggle with their love for each other. And I can just BET that they will be doing some wrestling in the film too. If you haven't seen the trailer for the film, PLEASE DO. It will blow you away. The link to it is below. The movie opens limited Dec. 9, wider Dec. 16th, and if you don't get it in your area then, buzz is that it will be open to an even wider audience in January. They wanted to release it in December to be included in the Oscar nominations. Check it out, and watch the trailer.

Vic (Post comments by clicking on the comments link below)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wham! Bam! Thank you Simon!

Today I received the 2003 videotape of Simon wrestling in a cage match where he got hit HARD in the head with a metal chair and suffered a concussion, and let me tell you, Holy OUCH! I nearly coughed up my Chipolte burrito across the room when it happened. Oh man! I had been waiting for the clip to complete the portion of the "Changing Perceptions" documentary on whether or not pro wrestling is fake, and it was certainly worth the wait. Of course, Simon does get back at the heel, and you'll see that too. Go to to get yourself on the list to be notified when the documentary is out.

Tomorrow I may do some undercover work for the STRONGHOLD film........shhhh. I will tell you about it later. Also, a fellow wrestler will be screening the Changing Perceptions film with me to give me his take. I'll be adding a new wrestling video clip or two to the site next week, and making some modifications to the directory that will make it even easier to contact others. For now, off to dinner and back to editing.

Scissorly, Vic